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React JS (JS Conf EU 2013)

A look at what makes React JS user interfaces different from JS Conf EU 2013 by Pete Hunt. React is a powerful, modern javascript view layer type library for creating reusable components and fast UIs. See...


Dance Music in Javascript (JS Conf EU 2013)


Develop right in Chrome DevTools ... with Sass too! (Google I/O 2013)


How many times has an URL been tweeted?

You may have noticed how some websites let you know how many times URLs have been tweeted. How do they do that? The twitter api will help.

The the call we need is:

This call takes a url as a parameter. Let’s look at an example:


Show a cookie policy notice on first site visit

Sites in various parts of the world, for example the UK, need to display information to visitors about their use of cookies. This is typically done with a cookie information page and a notice which appears on a user’s first visit to the site.

Many sites store the fact that a user has seen t...