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How to install PHP GD on Linux (Ubuntu)

On Ubuntu Linux, if you get a warning from PHP or a PHP framework about a missing php-gd library, try:

# sudo apt-get install php5-gd

This worked on Ubuntu Precise. It pulled in several dependencies and updated a few packages...


How to check for and install new packages on Linux (Ubuntu)

When working on Linux, you probably need to install programs and software packages from time to time.

On Ubuntu, to search for a package and see if it’s available:

# apt-cache search "package-name"

To install a new package:


How to restart Apache server on Linux (Ubuntu)

If you edit or update an Apache configuration file, you need to restart it for the changes to take effect. Use this command on Ubuntu:

# sudo apache2ctl graceful

On some distributions this may be slightly different, so if you get a comman...


How to restart MySQL as a service on Linux (Ubuntu)

On Ubuntu Linux, if MySQL is running as a service and you need to restart it:

# sudo service mysql restart

The command needed may vary on other Linux distributions.